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Sunday, June 05, 2005 

Thank God My Premies Were Not Born in Britain!

All I know is having three of my boys born severely premature and having them turn out as strong and wild as they are (6 yrs old and twins 5 yrs old) was an amazing, in your face, display of the teetering edge between life and death.

Not even to mention the incredible experience of laying on of hands to one of my twin boys just after the Doctor was preparing us for the worst. Watching him fight for life with a renewed strenth as a result of our laying on of hands was remarkable.

But then I read something like this from a so called "top medical ethics expert" from the Sunday Times - Britain
“Some doctors and nurses get competitive about the triumph of keeping these tiny, premature, babies alive,” she said. “It would be better to set a minimum age than to have no form of scrutiny or regulation. Below a certain age of gestation no baby should be kept going without very thorough scrutiny of what the prognosis for that baby is.”
Forgive me for wondering what exactly is wrong with "some Doctors and Nurses getting competitive about the triumph of keeping these tiny, premature, babies alive"

This woman sure sounds like a pretty cold hearted you know what and she's considered one of Britain's top medical ethicists?!? Yikes!

Looks to me like another shot over the bow in the battle between the Culture of Life and the Culture of Death.

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I had no idea that your first three boys were born so early. I can't even imagine what that was like. I'm so glad that everything worked out okay for you all...they certainly do seem full of life, just from the pictures I've seen! :)

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