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Tuesday, October 25, 2005 

Schiff Getting Shipped off to Jail

Ummm, apparently we do...

Is there really a technicality, or flaw, in the income tax law that allows you to get by without ever claiming income to the Federal Government? I've never been brave enough to find out! Taxes are obviously necessary to some degree, but we all know that the current system of taxing income is extremely outmoded. It's time to change our tax structure whether it be a consumption tax or flat tax... I like either.

Fellow Nevadan Irwin Schiff has just been found guilty for butting heads with the IRS. I've listened to him do his little AM radio infomercials pleading us to quit paying taxes using his method and he has quite the compelling case! Naturally my bias is going to lean in his favor. I've never been brave (and/or dumb) enough to thumb my nose at the IRS however. Irwin decided however that this was his hill to die on.

I think Bush should pardon whatever sentence is handed out and then pull a Jack Ryan (from Clancy's 'Executive Orders'); Take the entire tax code on Capitol Hill, which according to Tom Clancy, would fill all of the tables of largest library in Washington several books deep, and trash 'em.

Then set a flat tax of 15%'ish and we can all get on with life, unless of course you're a tax attorney or tax preparer etc... you guys are screwed.

I know, I know... not happenin.

Oh well, read up on this if you can. It really is a fascinating story.

WorldNetDaily with:
Tax crusader Irwin Schiff found guilty on all counts

Irwin's Blog

U.S. Newswire with
Professional Tax Resister Irwin Schiff and Two Associates Convicted in Las Vegas Tax Scam
Linked with: The Political Teen

A South Carolina senator dissatisfied with the results of a Bush advisory panel's recommendations on tax reform is set to introduce a bill to abolish federal income tax in favor of a levy on business transactions.

Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., told the New York Sun he would put his plan before the Senate tomorrow. The proposal calls for an end to all personal income taxes and the attendant bevy of related taxes, deductions and exemptions, including the estate tax and the alternative minimum tax. The plan would eliminate the need for Americans to file income tax returns.
Good luck... but I think Senator DeMint is swimming up chit-crick w/o a paddle. He'd better be careful or the IRS jackbooted thugs are going to be investigating him next.

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That was a good read.

I treat my taxes much like a saving's account so at least once a yr my frown is turned upside down.

Back in 93 I did fail to report income because I had so much trouble running down a W2...but the gov owed me money for that so I just sorta let it go eventually. How much do you want to bet I never hear anything about not reporting THAT? haha

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