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Thursday, July 03, 2008 



I have a decent taste in music thanks to one of my ole buds 'Skip'... miss ya bud... this post is for you...

Get this CD...

Jack Johnson
Sleep Through The Static

The best part about the song posted is that I first heard it in JJ's homestate of Hawaii when my baby and I were on vacation...

...I was pulled up to Hanuma Bay in a convertable mustang waiting for my sweetheart to come up the hill and get in my hotrod...

I know more than a couple of ya got hooked on J.J. This is his best album.

I really liked that song. Nice and mellow. :)

As is the rest of the album... I had my heyday with the heavy metal... this music appeals to me much more than before. JJ is a great songwriter.

I'm mellowing a bit, too. :)

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