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Sunday, August 31, 2008 

The Wease, a lizard, and an owie

The Wease has one tough day at the office...

...oh bud, don't rub any lizz poo in that owie... that's no bueno amigo.

My little man bailed after having just learned to ride a bike and acquired a new little lizard friend.

What a cutie!

Having a new little critter takes away the sting of the owie a little.


That is quality!!!

Great kid you've got there, Peak!

RT: that lil lizz did do the trick... he was hurt and upset until he saw it then wah-lah, he was totally fine and wanted to show everyone the lizard... too funny.

Wyatt: Thanks man, he keeps me on my toes as to the other 4! We're heading down to a lake in Payson today to do some hiking/fishing/biking... surely there'll be some drama! Have a nice Labor Day brah... that is if you get days off anymore!

Hope you had a great labor day weekend at the lake!

The kid looks great!

Here I thought kisses made everything better and all the while it was..creepy crawlies? lol

Thanks for sharing some of the awesome family dimplage, cuter by the day there!

"Big Boy Days!" It's been a long time and I'm glad I chose this night to check on you! Yep - seems to be some well rounded parenting going on here!!

Sssteve: any day any where with my lil guys and my baby girl as well as with my amazing wife is a good day!

Uber: youd be amazed at the power of the creepy crawlies... My lil girl has more guts than all of us when it comes to the bug collecting... oh, and we found out the hard way that certain catipillars (neon green and black ones) can bite!

chrys: I, like you, will always be around in one form or another... keep those awesome emails coming! You'll always be a close friend... thanks for the kind words, but my kids teach me much more than I'll ever be able to teach them!

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