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Saturday, July 25, 2009 

Here is the reason I will never again live in California.

uoh - mah - gawd....

The guy behind her is catatonic... I am dying. Too stinking funny...

Uh.. like the food is free and tha lahnd is free... all you like have to do is pay the farmers... and like we need a good pesticide....


Boy, you had me going there Peak. For a minute, I thought this was... like serious. Like this is like a joke... right?

These people exist... it's a bad omen on our future... she'll be head of the DNC soon.

Maybe the Buddhists were right Peak.

Suffering may be the best teacher.

Wading and toiling through the trials in life, by your own means and effects, makes you a better human being, while basking in consumer comfort, rots your humanity to the point of entitlement beggary.

That's what separates the greatest generation from the latest generation.

Present company excluded, of course.

It is undoubtable that Capitalism unfortunately has a shelf life.

Very nice and cute..

Does she speak to "dead people?"

Uh yeaaaah, duh... like they're all dead and stuff right? So like, when they talk to me there's these bugs which are good for the Earth the like are crawling around, but that's like plant food I think...

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