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Tuesday, August 18, 2009 

Founding Sense

...revealed in modern daylight can be an ugly thing...

Why, those old crackers were just busy getting drunk on whiskey and political power eh?

What could they possibly know?

Therefore it only can follow that the following words uttered by some old crazy slave owner must be hereby declared HATE SPEECH.

The writer of this post shall be ushered off to a work camp where she can learn to involve herself more fully in "Community Activities" subsequently becoming a leader in her hometown rather than a member of the Angry Mob of Evildoers!! (Regardless of how Well Dressed she may be)

Cathy at Sunday Morning Coffee is Guilty for the dissemination of HATE SPEECH:
Our Founding Fathers thought of everything. The Federalist Papers were written to assure the people of the colonies that forming a Republic would not infringe upon individual or states rights. James Madison one of the authors of the Federalist Papers and of course one of our Founding Fathers most assuredly is vomiting in his own grave...

Toqueville said the following in Democracy in America: Respect For the Law in The United States:

"Therefore, you never see in the United States and ever increasing and agitated crowd which regards the law as hostile or which looks upon it with fear and suspicion."

It's too bad we have fallen so far since this book was written.

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