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Wednesday, November 18, 2009 

Sunday December 6, 2009- A day of fasting and prayer for America

We, my wife and I, are firmly convinced that our elected politicians are incapable of representing the will of the American people – and incapable of adhering to the Constitution of the United States of America which they took a solemn oath to uphold and defend.

We are among the millions of U.S. Citizens who are at our wits end sending e-mails, faxes, telephoning, meeting with elected officials, demonstrating, rallying – and hoping – that those representatives will do the will of the people. They have failed. Have we, as well?

The United States of America is a choice land, a nation that was founded by our forefathers who were divinely inspired by God the Father Almighty.

This choice nation has been the defender of freedom throughout its relatively short history. We have led in the fight for freedom against many tyrants and dictators who have plundered and pilfered their citizens and have subjected them to great sufferings through blood and horror.

The people of those nations who suffered these great injustices knew that they could always depend upon the goodness, power and righteousness of the United States of America to extract them from their plights, and it was done – many times over. It was not done without expense – the expense of the blood and sacrifice of the members of our armed forces – and the suffering of their families.

As the year 2009 soon comes to a close, we the citizens of the United States of America find ourselves facing many of the challenges – which those nations suffered at the hands of their political leaders. We are being attacked from within!

Who do we turn to? To which great nation can we turn to help us keep and maintain our freedom? We do not have the same hope of those nations to whom we were benefactors.

We MUST turn to our Savior. If we are a righteous people, we will be deserving of, and receive of His blessings as He has promised. He suffered and died for us – He atoned for our sins; each one of us - individually.

We know that - as a nation – we can once again be the choicest of lands. However, we cannot achieve that blessing without our willingness to please our Lord and Savior.

We are asking that all who read this message that have faith in Christ designate Sunday December 6, 2009 as a day of fasting and prayer for America .

You do not have to march on the nation’s Capitol nor go to a tea bag rally. From the comfort of your home, you can get on bended knee and with a broken heart and contrite spirit, petition the Lord to bless this nation generously according to His will. Then, keep the fast for that day. Make that Christ-like commitment to our Heavenly Father. He will listen, He will answer. That has been promised.

“And whatsoever he shall ask the father in my name, which is right, believing that ye shall receive, behold it shall be given unto you.” (3 Nephi 18-20) “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” (Matthew 21:22)

Joe and Janice Hagen, St. George, UT.


Mr. and Mrs. Hagen, we will be joining you in this fast and prayer and be spreading this message- The McPeaks.

Why does this stuff get traction in cyberspace? I am assuming that you don't actually know this couple or know anything about them.

"We, my wife and I," - redundant: Just say "My wife and I."

"our elected politicians are incapable or representing the will of the American people." - so if they are incapable, then what is the point of the email and fast? Also, how is this couple from St. George, Utah qualified to represent what the "will of the American people" actually is? Will of what? Do you really want to forward an email from someone you don't even know? What if they are wacked out Nazis?

The email does not cite a specific problem for which the authors would like to be changed or any solutions. They just mention generalities such as "we are being attacked from within."

This email says more about the politics of the authors than anything. They attempt to wrap their politics in faith in a lame attempt to instigate some type of movement.

OBVIOUSLY the instigation of fasting and prayer are the motivations of a nazi motivated evil couple from Utah...

Hey, 'Anonymous', stick with ridiculing those in your personal life and never visit my site again.

Happy Thanksgiving...

I would first like to complement the Hagens in their desire to fast for our political leaders. However, I would also like to remind everyone of the 12th article of faith, which states:

"We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law."

I think that we should support our leaders and not criticize them, saying that they are failing and doing a bad job. If we think that they are doing something wrong, we should help them-even fasting without doing some sort of action to help afterwards will not do anything. Anyone that participates in this fast should also have in mind something that they can do to help the people in their communities, cities, states, and nation.

That's an excellent point and couldn't agree with you more.

We, Anon and I, are "firmly convinced" that the author should not be implicitly invoking the approval of Deity in one's political views. The Islamofacists cloak their politics in the same manner.

Peakah: Suggesting that Anon does not have faith or does not believe in the power of prayer is a stretch unsupported by Anon's comments. It could be that Anon is, as am I, annoyed by the shallow and hollow rants that cascade the internet and fill his or her inbox on an all too frequent basis unsupported by facts or logic. You suggest by your comments that Anon should either agree with the Author's views or keep his or her mouth shut. We, Anon and I, value our First Amendment rights and the ability to comment on a public blog.

Furthermore, using the sacred language used in religious ceremonies should be used very prudently, if at all.

Happy Thanksgiving! I am not an idiot and I doubt very much that Anon is too.

--Signed, Anon II

P.S. Your blog may be accessed with ease via a simple Google search.

What a wonderful way to support our Nation. Thank you for thinking of it, and sharing with the rest of us:) It can only make our Nation stronger, which is what we really need right now. We need to ignore the Anons in this world and their negativity and turn towards that which is positive and good. We can support our rulers by making them sustain the law as well. Thank you again for taking action!

Thanks Maya, you're absolutely right. Thanks for your acknowledgment. Some people purposefully choose not to get it so they can feel powerful in their ridicule. Unfortunately that is the only power they possess. Little do they know that faithful Americans are their greatest ally.

The point is not that I don't believe in the value of praying and fasting for our leaders. The point of my posts is that the method used by the St. George couple (any many other well-meaning Latter-day Saints) is that they seem to believe that every LDS person has the same convictions about political issues and our current leaders. It seems from the content of the original post that rather than ask for specific issues to be helped or resolved the the St. George couple's motivations were political rather than religious. It was a rant. Like most rants it is not specific and therefore lacks focus and power. Your blog is named "Peakah's provocations" which implies that you are attempting to instigate debate and dialog. Then you seem to get offended when someone challenges your provocations. Seems like you want it both ways. I get it. I get that you tap in to nonspecific causes which seem to be more of a vague diatribe than a genuine determination to actually affect change in our leaders (which is actually a noble cause). This post by the St. George couple reminds me more of the Zormamites' Rameumpton prayers rather than an effective, real voice of warning (D&C 63:37). You also assume that I am not a "faithful" American. That is simply ignorant. I am conserative with libertarian leanings, active LDS and actually do pray for our leaders (local and national). However, I don't appreciate terribly ineffective email fowards.

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