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Monday, February 01, 2010 

Scott Brown Ad

This ad will be the model for the 2010 elections in November...

thirany is not matching word...but ad is very nice. what do i like about usa elections- they look like hollywood movie- good guy against bad guy. but life is a bit more complecated, is not it?

Indeed, however there is a revolt against the direction the current administration is taking this country. To have the symbolic revolution of a Senate Seat election formerly held by one of the most liberal Senators in American history go to a relative unknown who has wrapped his campaign around those principals that the founding father's held to ignite the original American Revolution is nothing less than Epic! We can expect to see more of this in November.

It's going to be great when Dingy Harry gets ousted from his cushy seat.

Especially when he gets beat by a Tarkanian! The former UNLV's coach Coach Tarkanian's son is running against Fairy Reid this fall... should be interesting!


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