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Wednesday, May 11, 2005 

Barney's gettin a lil behind in his work!

"U.S. Rep. Barney Frank gets a little behind in his work while talking to aspiring politician Mike Evans." (Photo courtesy Washington Blade)

That's U.S. Rep. Barney Frank (D-Newton) keeping it gay in Philadelphia where he got to the bottom of things with rising political star Mike Evans.

Yesterday, the Web was abuzz with reports our openly gay congressman was openly fondling Evans, who made a brief run for Congress from his native Missouri last year. But Barney, who is, of course, in a longstanding relationship with S.O. Sergio Pombo, told us he was just giving his pal a friendly pat on the behind.

``There was nothing romantic about it,'' Frank told the Track.

Frank said he and Evans were standing outside a roped-off VIP area at Philadelphia's Equality Forum last week. When a bouncer came to admit the congressman, Frank told him to let Evans in, too.

``Mike said, `Are you sure it's OK?' '' Frank said. ``And I smacked him on the ass and said, `Of course it's O.K.' ''

Sadly, there were many cameras on hand to capture the Kodak moment!

Frank said he realizes what his big mistake was. ``People tell me I should be more like President Bush,'' he said. ``I should have held hands with him instead of smacking him on the ass.''

Bush was, of course, snapped last week holding hands with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah on his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Nice comeback!

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