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Sunday, June 05, 2005 

Soldier Rap

Video: 4th25
Members of the rap group—who serve with Task Force 112—express things that soldiers usually keep bottled up in their album 'Live From Iraq.'

Warning: Contains graphic language and violent images

Their "rap video" is some pretty raw combat footage. Click on picture and watch at your own risk.

Their background story HERE

UPDATE: June 12th
Check out a podcast at EXIT50 out of Dallas with an exclusive interview and several songs off of their album. Pretty intense!

I was unable to look at the video, however I did go on there web site and saw picks and read about the pics, and some of it makes no since to me at all. About the buying of guns the auther makes a good point, that we are fighting ourselves. Sometimes I realy feel that the leaders of the military, and this Goverment are not intouch with reality at all. But honestly after looking at there web site it makes me pray that much more for our troops, and regret not joining up right out of high school. I have the utmoast respect for our troops.. Thank You

I have an interview with "Big Neal" from "4th25" 1st Cav it has 4 full cuts from the "Live from Iraq" album...Its powerful. THese guys did the album in Iraq and its well thought out. Unfortunaltly you cant get a copy of the album now its sold out
some of it is at

scroll down the page till you see the album and check back for updats and more songs
This is what they think. Listen to it if you like

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