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Thursday, September 04, 2008 

Tough Call...

...well, maybe not so much...


...c'mon, you know it's funny... relax...

Now Josh--- I was expecting to see more pics of Governor Palin--- for my sake.. at least post some hottie pics of her hubby Todd... heheh

Anyway-- Just a few weeks ago--- I was wishing the election was over... this has been going for what-- 18 months? 2 years? Good gosh! Senator McCain's pick for running mate has energized the Republican base as well as conservative minded folks-- like me. She was terrific last night- I am thrilled.

I was going to hold my nose in November as I voted for Senator McCain... I will now enthusiastically cast my vote for McCain/Palin. As it looks now- she is a keeper and one to watch for the future.

Besides right now... it is WAAAYYY too much fun watching the people over at Daily Kos and Huffington Post go berserk. They are freaking out... panicked... grab some popcorn and watch. It's loads of fun.

Good to see you posting again, my friend!

Does McCain eat his spinach? ;P

RT,either that, or he is pinching one off!

Those were great Brah!!

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