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Tuesday, November 30, 2004 

The "Hate Crime" Double Standard

Isn't it amazing how the mainstream media is so quick to jump on any racially based crimes when it's a white perp commiting the crime on a minority? Yet, when it's the other way around, there is hardly the faintest of whispers. The story of the Hmong immigrant in Wisconsin being held for the killing of 6 (and injuring of 2) white hunters on private property owned by one of the dead men has sparked nary a glance by the snotty media elites despite being a week old story.

Naturally with the influence of the 'new' media such as talk radio and the bloggers who are going to naturally be all over this story, the mainstream media will eventually have to cover it whether they like it or not. Even some of the local talk radio stations are being extremely cautious about the story already.

It'll be interesting to see how defensive they will be of the perp right out of the starting gates. Naturally they'll take the stance that it is because of the fear that there will be incitement of hatred and violence against the peaceful Hmong immigrants already here. Apparently us stupid white folk are naturally given to racist tendencies.

It's been said that one of the guys (shot in the back) was hurling racial remarks to the poor immigrant and stoked his rage. Apparently this justifies serial killing, by shooting people in the back no less.

It's also fascinating how this Laos immigrant has these two hot shot lawyers already defending him at his court date today. Wonder how much that cost the poor immigrant?

This is a story to watch folks... You know I will be.

"Here is where I will log those thoughts on politics and life that I can't discuss too freely in the 'real world' because of the constraints of political correctness."

I would suggest that it is in the so-called "real world" where thoughts on politics and life are needed the most.

Have you tried being completely honest in today's corporate world? You can with only those who did not allow the collegiate brainwashing to completely take hold of their psyche...
But as a concept, I completely agree with you V'.

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