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Wednesday, November 24, 2004 

The Nationalist Party of America?

Is it now viable to organize an effective political third party in our current state of connectedness? We now have the ability to have a say with what happens with any of our representatives from the comfort of our office chairs. I'm game. I know that in the current two party system the only times I actually feel "represented" is when the opposition party is in power and our representatives actually stand up for our values by ranting at the opposition's leader. I'll be interested to see if the so called republican party will be willing to stick to their guns now that they occupy more power accumulated by any political party in several decades. Will they shy away from the conservative principals that got them elected now that the hot washington spotlights and snotty liberal journalist's cameras have them in their crosshairs for the next four years...

I'm beginning to think that now is most likely the best time to create THE NATIONALIST PARTY OF AMERICA.

Why not... do you think you have any say in how the republican party will now behave with this newfound grip on power? Time will tell... and so will I.

Peakah, I'd go for many more parties or perhaps even none!

Where does it say in the Constitution that there should be any political parties at all? Isn't the practice just a mimicking of the way it was in England before the Constitution? And isn't the main reason to have a political party structure just for consolidation of funding? I think of all the evils we could eliminate if there were no parties: less campaign money (power) in the hands of a few, less campaign finance abuse, fewer campaign-related laws to diminish our liberties, no citizen hatred because of party affiliation, no opportunity to pit half the country against the other half, or one-third against the other thirds, less chance for party-obstructionism in Congress. I'm sure others can think of many more advantages. Without parties, a citizen would have to educate themself about a candidate's true views and past record, and not just rely on voting party affiliation (which engenders laziness and rewards ignorance).

But if you're going for a new third party, at least don't call it "Nationalist". Unfortunately, Hitler already subverted that word in "National Socialist German Workers' Party" (NAtionalsoZIialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei, i.e. nazi). How about Patriot Party - if that is your honest intent. I still go for no political parties - but lots of other parties!

Regards, BR

Patriot Party eh... sounds good to me! For short would it be called PP?

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