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Saturday, October 30, 2004 


McPeak's Place

Dr. Jack Wheeler, whose death-defying adventures span the globe and whose achievements have inspired wide-ranging acclaim, is one geopolitical expert who doesn't mince words.

Wheeler's latest arrows are aimed at those he calls the "anti-Bush lefties" who populate the CIA.

Referring to the people know as "Rogue Weasels" at Langley, CIA headquarters, Wheeler writes about the recent story of missing high-explosives in Iraq:

"They cooked up this entire phony 'tons of missing explosives' scandal, sweet-talked the head of the U.N.'s nuclear inspection agency, Mohammed ElBaradei, to carry their water and leak it to CBS – which drooled at the opportunity to spring the story on election eve," Wheeler writes on his unique intelligence website, To the Point. "They then briefed Kerry and prepared his instant assault on Bush once the surprise broke."

Available to subscribers of To the Point, Wheeler's piece, entitled "CIA in deep Qaqaa," goes on to discuss how "some clever pro-Bush Langley folks" got the New York Times to jump on the story, spoiling the initial plan. Wheeler says Kerry "ends up looking like the opportunist fool he is, so clueless he doesn't realize he's accusing American soldiers in Iraq of 'incredible incompetence' rather than Bush."

Now we have the emergence of an Osama bin Laden tape... If this is all he can do to hurt us is a video of his whining about how evil we are... I'd say that's proof of his neutering. I'd take an Osama tape of his bitching over a building melting and people's bodies vaporizing anyday.

Election day is almost near y'all...

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