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Monday, November 29, 2004 

The Persecution of Steve Gardner

I heard Steve Gardner's first nationally broadcast interview the day he called "The Savage Nation". He had sucessfully laid low since the war and not mentioned anything he experienced but he was absolutely furious about how Kerry was exploiting his Vietnam service for political gain. The Swift Boat Vets for Truth soon heard of his story and recruited him to add his story to the many others who aligned against Kerry's run for the presidency. Gardner was different than almost all of the other Swift Boat Vets because he actually served as a gunner on the boat that Kerry commanded for Kerry's 4 short months in Vietnam. He had personal interactions with Kerry as a commander and couldn't in his right mind allow someone like John Kerry to be Commander in Chief after his personal experiences with him.

Now we see how standing up for the truth can destroy your life if you go head to head with people as powerful as those in the DNC. we reward those who stand up for the truth?Is this how we reward those who stick their neck out on the line to proclaim what they saw first hand? Sad indeed.

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