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Thursday, December 02, 2004 

Declaration of War by UN

Consider this: The Oil For Food Scandal has netted the Saddam Hussein regime over 20 Billion dollars of mostly French, German, and Russian currency, much of which went to the arming and equiping of the Iraqi military... also consider that over 1300 of our American soldiers have died liberating the Iraqi people from this same dictator. Does this not lead to the deduction that the UN (who had full disclosure of these events) has indirectly declared war on the US with their complicity and even profiteering of the Iraqi sanctions? If this does not de-legitmize the United Nations as a peace keeping organization, as well as lay bare their true intensions, nothing will. Those who still tout the UN as a logistical operation to further peace on Earth is refusing to see things as they actually are.

The head of the UN, Kofi Annan, needs to be held accountable for these actions. Especially considering that his own son benefitted directly from these under the table dealings, despite Kofi's "suprise".

First things first. Kick Kofi's gang out of NYC and send them packing to Paris. Then Kofi should be held in front of an American Military Tribunal for war crimes and sent to prision for the rest of his life. If we can drop the hammer on the heads of Enron and Worldcom for their scandalous dealings, why not the head of an organization that has feigned ignorance over one of the most insidious scandals of all time that has lead to the death of over a thousand of our best and brightest? Time to drop the hammer on the phony "United Nations". Their only obvious purpose on this Earth is to thwart the advancement and development of free nations across the face of the Earth, all the while lining their pockets with blood money. Are our soldiers lives worth this? Of course not... Time to recognize that War has been declared on the USA, not only by terrorist organizations but by the United Nations itself.

Think the Clintonistas were not involved? Guess again... Check this out.

If we kicked the UN out of the US (Paris might be a better spot) and withdrew our support, both financially and militarily, would the world be a safer place?
Can we, as a nation, exert influence on the actions of other nations if we are separated from them? Because of our economic and military power, we could certainly get away with that tactic in the short run, but what would be the long term effect of this type of policy? We can bully the world, or we can lead the world by example. The choice is ours.
Peakah's Dad.

Peakah's Dad, How is kicking the UN out of NY and holding a criminal responsible for his actions "bullying"? And where did you find the comment about with-holding military and financial backing? I didn't see that in Joshua's post? That's actually a pretty good idea for a left-wing mili-dem.
Peakah's Dad's smart co-worker(Alan)

Thanks Alan, It's good to see that my dad has someone around him to keep him from hurting himself with his "left-wing mili-dem" dopiness. (I'm still laughing at the leftwingmilidem term) I feel comforted to know he's in good company! I worry about him sometimes...

Hey Dad, the SIXTIES ended 45 years ago! *SMACK*

Snap outta it! *grin*

Love ya pops! Glad to see ya stopped by, you too Alan... looking forward hearing more from ya! (thanks for keeping my pops in line too, he needs that)

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