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Wednesday, December 01, 2004 

"Moderate" Muslim Leaders

Click on picture above to see a slideshow of pictures of how babies are trained to kill in the middle east while still in diapers.

Thanks to this post from Little Green Footballs, you think that the "moderate" leaders of Islam fit our defination of moderation? Maybe you should hear what they have to say straight from their own mouths on their own television "news" programs. These guys make David Duke look like an extreme makeover of Ghandi. It's time that mainstream media knew our enemy and condemned them with their own words.

To see a nice little clip from a cute kiddie show shown to Palistinian children? Check this out! Now this makes the muppets look like they've gone bankrupt and joined forces with the crack addict under the bridge! This is complete insanity folks... Is it any wonder these people grow up to sing songs to Allah while sawing off peoples' head with rusty serated kitchen knives? They've been driven insane by propaganda that would've made Hitler proud.

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