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Saturday, December 04, 2004 

Sgt. Rafael Peralta

Let these stories of heros be known... click on picture.

It is truly sad that our contrymen are dying while liberating a nation. It is absolutely appalling that the stories of this type of bravery and heroism go unpublished in our mainstream media. Just further proof of our media's liberal anti-military bias. The popular press obviously has an un-american agenda, and it sickens me. I suppose that if CBS, ABC, the NY Times, the SF Chronicle or some other major news media picked up this story it would be full of BS about the "needless" death of this man/hero ("man", their words/"hero", mine). It is one thing to fight for your family, your friends, your home and your liberty as our brave forefathers did in the war for independance. Fighting for, and yes, even dying for the liberty of others, is more honorable and heroic than most of us will ever achieve. It is hero's like Sgt. Rafael Peralta and his squad that keep our freedoms free.

The state of our current mainstream media is pathetic. I remember when I was about 12 years old, we were ripping a wall down in a bedroom and behind the wood were hundreds of pages of New York Times from the 1940's. I scavenged the pages that could still be read and spent the next several nights reading the amazing stories of valor and bravery of our troops overseas during the Second World War. They covered the pages. They were inspirational, uplifting, and they inspired a nation to unity.

Far cry from today's media eh? You'd think that if Dan Rather was talking to Murrow's ghost in the halls of the CBS building late at night, he would've learned something!

Memorial Day 2004

Soft winds blowing across a mountain top flag
highlight those who struggle to hoist for all to see
reminded me of freedoms beacon
within their souls

allowing those here the slumber of the protected

The beacon shines brighter now


those who chose to hear the call

moreover, the terrible price paid now on foreign shores

Willingly answered

to be escorted home upon caissons resting for eternity

Honored now by those who remember
Honored by those protected
Honored by those who stood by their side
Honored by those who also fell in battles past
Welcomed into the shade cast by the Tree of Liberty

Felton Green SCPO (SW) USN Retired

I have written and posted at The Moderate Voice (Themoderatevoice.com) an article on Sgt. Rafael Peralta, "Stolen valor at the Highest Levels--The Case of Sgt. Rafael Peralta."

Please feel free to use it.


Major Dorian de Wind, USAF Retired


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