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Monday, April 18, 2005 


After getting my sitemeter email that tells me that there were 33 people who actually looked at my page over the last week (thirty more than I thought that there would be) I know that those few people are wondering where I went!

Just working my butt off in the good ole real world...
Working full time at Prudential, moonlighting for National Career Fairs, and spending the rest of my precious time with my beautiful and lovely wife and rambunctious 5 kids.

I never knew coaching T-Ball could be so entertaining!

Nevertheless, soon I'll be shedding the day job only to dive full time into National Career Fairs allowing myself more opportunities to rant and rave at the current political looniness going on each and every day and dropping bombs on the current events shaping our "reality".

To those few genius souls who still check in now and then, thanks, hang in there... I'll be back and better than ever. I appreciate you still seeing what I have to say about things. That's truly satisfying and encouraging.

Please do not hesitate to stop by and say Hi in the comment section regardless. Blogging is definitely a fun and intimate hobby that I hope to develop as time rolls on. Have a nice week y'all!


Lookin forward to your interesting insight... Good luck with the family, that alone would keep most men exhausted!

Believe me, there is the presence of extreme exhaustion at times but I have one Ace in the Hole that keeps all in perspective... Rhonda, my wife.

She keeps me bouyed up through everything and is my inspiration.

Her body enduring the punishment of 4 intense pregnancies that has produced 5 of the most beautiful children defines exhaustion. So what I experience doesn't even compare. Thanks for the kind words tho, the blogging community is one I enjoy being a part of.

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