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Sunday, May 29, 2005 

Local News Catches UFO!

This needs to be seen to believe!
This story aired during a local news broadcast yesterday.

It is UNREAL...
See the full video report HERE

I can't say I know what's up with this Prophet Yahweh dude, whether or not he sleeps at this park or not and just happens to know something we don't, or if this dude can actually summon UFO's on demand... Yikes...

Like they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...

Seems like some extraterrestials wanna check out the buzz!
Ya can't blame 'em eh?

Local News 13 'drops' story. They claim that it was 'blown out of proportion'...
Hmm... Link includes phone call with this "Prophet Yahweh" with a further discussion on the big sighting due in the next week or two over the Las Vegas Valley area. I'll keep my eyes towards the sky... but my Spirit grounded by the Scriptures of course!

Urhm...very interesting...?! Can't explain that one... hmmm?!

And, on an aside, what city is that news station out of? Is it at all comparable to Rochester's size? Always checking stations out for Matt's next sports market...we can't stay here in Binghamton for much longer...iye!

It was my local station, the ABC affiliate in Las Vegas!
That's why I was so taken aback by the story...

I'll be watchin the skies here for ya all week, he did say that there will be a sighting that all of Las Vegas will see... Hmmmm...

If nothing else, it's kinda interesting...

Have a nice Memorial Day.

I asked the dude to send some UFO's to Jacksonville Florida. All this is supposed to start June 1, 2005...

I guess it's been a week, and no updates. It is starting to look like Las Vegas and the world will be spared an invasion by UFO's/aliens invoked by our Prophet Yahweh.

I thought it kind of funny that alien beings with enough intelligence and technology to have conquered interplanety space flight would allow a mere human to summon them. I still enjoyed spreading the news article, just to see peoples reactions.

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