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Saturday, October 22, 2005 

10 Worst Album Covers of All Time

Remember fingering through your parents (or your own) album collections and you come across one or two that you just look at and think... my parents did too many drugs...

Katey had this link to a site displaying the 10 Worst album covers of all time with some hiliarious commentary... what do you expect from me on Saturday afternoon??

Hey! Thanks for visiting me. Your blog is great too. Thanks for the link to the 10 worst album covers. I am still laughing!

Look forward to making you a daily stop.

I was laughing so hard my husband looked up from HIS computer to ask what was so funny. Thanks, I needed that!

HEY - I like this place - saw you passing through on the was to other stops - passed you some place else?! - Cathy is one of the "good guys!" - 20 kids - wow - impressive! ;-D

Great link, Peakah!

Thanks for teh funny!!!

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