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Wednesday, October 26, 2005 

The Acceleration of The Apocalypse

This is further proof that the Apocalypse is nearing. The Chicago White Sox win the World Series after 88 years.

The fact that this follows the Red Sox World Series win where they went on an 86 year drought is all the proof I need to KNOW that the End times are now.

Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse...

Seems as though the past is being erased at least! All the SOX trouble RED & WHITE has been put to bed. On second thought - think you're right - END TIMES!! ;-D

FIXED!!! The Red Sox after 80-some years, and now the White Sox after almost 100??? I guarantee that the Cubs win it all next year.

Damn Astros. LOL At least they won the NL pennant and set some records too.

chrys: the stars are aligning as shown on the baseball diamond... Jesus is on His Way!!!

Wyatt: I'm heading to the sports books now to put my house on the Cubs for next year... it's inevitable!

Diane: I'm always pulling for the AL team in the World Series, being a Yankee fan it's usually them. I found myself rooting for Houston because of Clements and Pettite. The Astros did win the pennant, even with all those white guys on the team!!!

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