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Friday, October 21, 2005 

Credit Where Credit's Due

You have to love Victor David Hanson... if you don't you probably don't know what you're talking about...
Ten million people freely voted last week in the Arab world's first democracy, apparently approving a constitution for Iraq. The jihadists cannot be entirely defeated without such a political solution. Yet Iraq's democratic voters would never even have had an opportunity without American soldiers, whose sacrifices offered a chance of reform.
Sad how little MSM press is given to the glorification of this event. There is a sad lack of perspective present in our current media. Thankfully we have brilliant writers like VDH to keep things in its true context. Read the rest here...

The only thing I heard about the election (more than the fact that there actually was one) was the fact that there were only a few sporadic attacks during the day. Never mind that the Iraqis were participating in the process of freedom, let's talk about the terrorists. Unreal.

BTW, is that you in the pic, or Ted Nugent????

I'm Ted Nugent on Guinness...

The MSM is the propaganda arm of the terrorists, not the voice of truth.

Just look at Amanpour's love letter to Saddam and you see it on display. CNN, the network that covered up mass graves, to protect its 'access' to the bloody dictator.

'Am a poor reporter' is quite the pathetic excuse for an information gatherer. Awesome point Insol!

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