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Tuesday, October 25, 2005 

Kickin Balls Through the Uprights

Wanting to preserve what I thought was a clever title I thought of an excuse to post this...

Lincoln High School football player,
homecoming queen says role is 'Awesome'!

Darby Lentz says she doesn't mind
being the only girl on the team.
Get your heads out of the gutter people, this is quite the amazing high schooler!
The homecoming queen at Lincoln High School in Harrison County also can boot a football straight through the uprights.

Darby Lentz, 17, is serving double duty at her school near Shinnston. The student body named her homecoming queen. She's also the kicker on the football team.

Darby has converted an impressive 14 of 16 extra points this season. She has yet to attempt a field goal.

On Oct. 14, she had been on duty as the field goal kicker during the first two quarters of the game. At halftime, the homecoming court was announced, and she was surprised to hear her name. She accepted the honor in her football uniform.

"It was awesome," the brown-eyed senior said. "I didn't have a clue. It was awesome when they called my name."

She was also named prom queen earlier in the year at the more than 700-student school where she serves on student council and has a 3.8 grade point average.
Quite the roll model eh? I'm impressed!

Have you ever seen 'helmet head' look so good?!

I have a hunch that the photo above isn't a candid shot just before taking the field. Unless of course she favors eye shadow and eye liner over eye black and isn't too concerned about lipstick smudge.

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Gimme a break! She's definitly just trying to juice up her resume for the real world. I know their are lots of GIRLS that can be a kicker for a football team. Whether they choose that path or not depends on common sense. Let me know what she's doing in say... 3-5 years. What does everyone else think?

The passion of that question is slightly dulled by your anonymous identity, nontheless...

there's no doubt that the PR machine for this girl is in full swing considering the staged photo.

Gotta love the U S of A baby...

More power to her! She's an inspiration so far... she's going to have the crushing years of late teens/early twenties to survive with a possible sprinkle of fame and fortune? Who knows...

Will she get all Capriotti on us? You know if she does, we're going to know about it...

Yay for her!!! Anyone who hates on her is clearly one of those sexist men who are stuck in the 50's, are insecure and are afraid of qualified women taking their jobs and white male privileges... the same idea that drives racism. Go Darby Lentz!

Thanks for posting this Josh, that brightened my day a little!

I think I'm in love!

Darby is a very attractive girl. I've seen other photos of her since I live in Charleston, WV everyone talks about her. She is tall, thin, and has very nice legs. MMMMMMMM

By: Steve

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