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Sunday, October 23, 2005 

Who Knew

See that profile picture? I have no idea why I did that to myself publicly. Wyatt told me I looked like Ted Nugent. I'm still trying to figure out if that's a compliment because I think Ted Nugent is pretty freakin cool...

Wyatt and Insolublog need to quit tweaking my psyche.

To the normal person, that should have been enough to encourage the changing of the profile picture. Perhaps you'd rather tha wease re-host the place? He's a heck of a lot cuter than the one that's currently peering somewhat cross-eyed off into space with a little gleam of Nugent insanity.

Who cares, the picture stays... my boys in 'Cuse understand.

*Fist raised in Honor of the Headless Horsemen Stunt*
(that is a whole 'nother post)

I also seperated the boy's blogs from the girl's blogs... have any of you taken offense to that? I know I have some pretty strong opinionated red-blooded American Women who check in with me.

The only reason I did that was so I could use the phrases "my brothah from anothah mothah" and "my sistah from anothah mistah", which are amongst the Hall of Fame inductees for Cheesiest Lines from the 1970's.

*shrug* I'm cool like that yo.

I've recently been introduced to the Battle Born Bloggers by Zaphriel which features Nevada stationed bloggers. If you haven't been in to check out tha locals like Jim Rose, The Steel Deal, and Shoot a Liberal (don't ya just LOVE that title), you're missing out!

I also introduced myself to the "I'm Pro Victory" blogroll which I found through Cathy's site, as well as jumping into a "Screw the ACLU" blogroll which I named myself... Thanks to the guys at STOP THE ACLU.

Yup, another tough weekend at the McPeak household...

(in other words, the Buffalo Bills got romped on and I'm at a loss for a post idea)

It was meant as a compliment, chief! Ted Nugent rules!! I think CUG has a non-sexual crush on him.

Oh, and you're not alone in misery today. The Iggles are the worst 4-2 team in the NFL (lucky bastards!), and my Broncs lost to the friggin' Giants on a last second play. DAMN!

Both of those games were awesome to watch! Watching McNabb struggle to hit wide open receivers is killin me... Where's Rush on ESPN when you need him! Oh, he hurt Tom Jackson's feelings... nevermind.

I think my wife may be a bit disturbed to know that she's married to someone who resembles Ted Nugent! Is CUG going to have a non-sexual crush on me now?? That may be justification for plastic surgery!

YEAH I would agree, I think it is your eyes, on Uncle Ted’s album Cat Scratch Fever he has the same CRAZY look. My very first rock album I ever purchased was Weekend Warriors; at least you look NOTHING like Billary.

Yo, "Ted"---Where is the pic of you in a loin cloth, now that's what I want to see! Where is your bow and arrow?

BTW-- loved G Love and Special Sauce! Too much fun! Needless to say, videocode doesn't have it so I've requested it...

Thanks for the plug... I typically only blog on Sundays, but check back...

I love the whole brothuh/sistuh them ya got goin' on bro. And the photo...you should definitely leave it up...it gives those of us without courage to post our own mugs.

I mean, if you can post THAT...surely we can post ours. haha

I'm up to posting an entire eyeball now. yay! *g*

Hey Peak, there is nothing wrong with blog separation. Boys will be boys. Girls will be girls. Bucking the trend is only feminazi propaganda.

Nate: Looking like *lol* Billary?! Now that would be disturbing.

Cathy: hmm.. loin cloth eh? That could be done but I guarantee you don't want to see that... don't make me talk about my bow and arrow! This is a family bar!

Uber: glad to be an inspiration... that's how I roll. If I may say, that is one amazing eyeball!

Insol: no foaming feminist is allowed at this bar... tha wease will bounce 'em out pronto.

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