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Thursday, November 10, 2005 

Top Ten Reasons to Stop the ACLU

For those of you who do not believe that the ACLU is a threat to the way of life we lead here in America, it is time to open your eyes and face some facts...

UPDATE: We can add a new reason...

ACLU Can Now Accept Money From Terrorists
This really doesn't suprise anyone does it? They know where the money is!

This was a production of Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to join us, please email Jay at Jay@stoptheaclu.com or Gribbit at GribbitR@gmail.com. You will be added to our mailing list and blogroll. Over 115 blogs already onboard.

I definitely believe they are a threat to anyone who loves G-d and is not politically correct.
Hey, where did your one blogpost go? The one on your response to the gal who was doing a paper or survey or such on racism? I found that one extrememly interesting and my daughter even linked to it and now there is potential heated discussion on her blog. Anyway, it is too bad that the non-racist racists can raise such a stink about the views of us racist non-racists.

One defination of Hell is attempting to rationalize with the irrational. I dumped the posts (all 3 of them) because the woman who ranted on me is a friend of mine and I chose to drop the posts and try and preserve an old friendship rather than have her understand my point.

She was not about to understand and I was not about to go to war over the issue. I said what I had to say and came to the realization that the subject of race automatically nails people at their emotional center and disrupts any rational or logical debate. It de-evolved into a namecalling and threat fest which is as boring as all get-out so I dropped it instead.

I had probably the most links to that post than any other I have written... oh well... I'm over it.

Anyway, it is too bad that the non-racist racists can raise such a stink about the views of us racist non-racists.

Very well put...

The ACLU should love the post I made today. HA HA

I'm sorry that you dropped those posts. I was going to write my future e-mail to you about what happened within those discussions. I was clearly misunderstood and I misunderstood you as well. I was hoping to clear all of these things up point by point, because it's needed. I may have sounded irrational to some, but my points were not. I spoke of them poorly because I was upset, because I was misunderstood and because I did not make myself clear from the start (I realize now). I am a very intelligent woman and cannot stand being viewed otherwise. There were so many words put in my mouth and a million misunderstandings. I will have to reply to you with what I recall I suppose.

You sent me an apology via e-mail that you said was posted here on your site. I don't see it...? Just wondering where it was; maybe I'm blind. Perhaps I'm taking this the wrong way, but if you didn't want to apologize, if you didn't *really* mean it, then please don't lie to me and say so many times that you're sorry. You're telling people here that you dropped the discussion because you were sick of the topic and sick of dealing with "ignorant" me. You said to me, many times, that you were sorry. I must say that I'm confused. You're still judging me here and to others as well, knowing full well that when I have a good chunk of time that I'm going to e-mail you about what happenned so that you can see what I meant...and so that you can respond with your ideas so that I can understand you as well. This is disappointing.

I posted that public apology here for 24 hours (even sent you an email with the post that I put up)

When I decided to just junk the other two posts because they seemed to be causing you so much personal pain I deleted the public apology as well for it would not have made any sense without the other two posts to reference.

I was sick of dealing with it. If you can't accept another's opinion, do not solicit it. This boring discussion about feelings is not why I write this blog. It is extremely boring. I am sorry I have caused hurt feelings but I'm not sorry for speaking my mind. Yes, I judge people, you do to.

This is my site and it's what I do. You do not have to appreciate it. I'm sorry I've disappointed you. My apologies to you were sincere and the only way to prove their sincerity was to delete them completely.

Lets get on with real issues, not feelings...

Peakah, Years and years ago, my Father showed me an important truth. It is to choose my battles carefully. I can see that is what you are doing and that is wise. I got a chuckle out of the "I'm over it." That is something my husband says a lot. Anyway, I'm glad that my daughter put you on her bloglist. My husband has also put you on his bloglist. I just need to get busy and get you on mine.

All of the anonymous posts to CrazyJo's site were from me. I'm glad that I could get my point across better this time. I admit, I got hotheaded with these issues, which is a really poor time to do so because I really want my views to be heard. I admit, I'm a little squirrly in the head. Thank goodness I take my meds or who knows what may happen. :)

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