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Friday, November 17, 2006 

Schadenfreude Friday

schadenfreude \SHOD-n-froy-duh\, noun:
A malicious satisfaction obtained from the misfortunes of others.

NEW ADDITION: This moron eats a flagpole in a race for a Playstation 3. Whoever thought of this marketing event ought to have to have his face drilled into a flagpole too... The best part is listening to the guy who had his jaw rearranged speak to the press about chowing steel...

I'm not sure why seeing people get scared is so freaking funny...

But it is... Enjoy...
Happy Friday!

This would get me divorced...

This would get me fired...

Silly Hippy... don't you like Bambi???

This one may be the funniest!

Uhh, may not be safe for work...
(you know you'll try and get away with watching it anyway)

1. I'd beat the crap out of him and then give him the finger.

2. Seeing her fall on her butt was priceless!

3. Duuuuude.....you totally killed my buzzzz. Not cool, mannnn.

4. Eeeek! Now, I'm out of the closet!

I scream like that when I see spiders.

5. Yep...that's why you don't make videos of fleshly matters.

Peaks, those were awesome!!! So glad to see you back at it brah!

Thanks for the quick smiles! Liked the last one best!! lol

1.) I would get beaten then flipped off.

2.) OMG! Ditto what RT said.

3.) Was that a bra he pulled out and threw on the floor?

4.) The gayest weather man...ever.

5.) What's with the freakin' black box?!

It makes one year that was in the "Luz de Luma", I am I resell its blog and leaving good souvenirs. Ah, it remembers that she was you who indicated me to weblog awards.

RT: no, that's why you DO make 'videos of fleshly matters' LOL

Ssss: thanks bigguy

chrys: Yeah, I kinda did too!

fm: c'mon dawg, I'm trying to keep this a family site... well, kinda...

Luma: I remember that and you deserved the nomination, you had a very unique site! Good luck with the sales, I'll get a cut right? *grin* Beijus to you too!

Hilarious. That's what door locks are for. ;) I keep a bunch of these videos on "the Pub" section on my political forum. Feel free to check em' out.


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