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Thursday, November 16, 2006 

A Salute to Our Vets

Here was last year's Veteran's Day Post with parade pictures...

I was unable to attend this years Veteran's Day parade that marches down the north end of the Vegas Strip, my children however did not. They were able to attend with their Vietnam Veteran grandfather who received handshakes and salutes from strangers all day long while he donned his Vietnam Veteran's hat.

At one point my son Tyler looked up at Grandpa as the wounded vets paraded along in their wheelchairs and asked, "Grandpa, wasn't it hard for them to fight in a war in their wheelchairs?"

I know this post is too late but better late than never...

God Bless America's Vets!


Handshakes and salutes that were long overdue!

That sincerely brought a tear to my eye. Especially the thought of what those handshakes and thanks must have meant, and because of what your son said.

Thanks lilfeathers

linda: isn't that the truth... he's just now begun putting some of his stories into writing and WOW... he is my hero.

RT: He's so humble, even though I wasn't there, I'm sure he blushed dropped his head in an 'aw shucks it was nothing' sort of way and tried to dismiss it- while respectfully grasping the thanking hand.

Tyler's comment was so cute and innocent that it brought a smile to grandpas face.

This is one of my favorite Veterans Day and/or Memorial Day shots. The problem is how sadly it makes our country look.

. . by clicking on the upper hyperlink below, you'll bring up the graphic that illustrates my proposed concept for a 9/11 memorial , , ,'

. . . oh, yeah, you might think that the "circled A" detail looks familiar . . . well, it is . . . it was lifted from a royalty-free photo of the moon . . .

. . . as for why the moon should figure so significantly in this memorial, well, let me tell you it took me quite a while to get some inkling as to the REAL motivation of the "gollums", who either rammed or attempted to ram those airline jets into civilian targets . . .

. . . anyway, after viewing the graphic, please consider clicking on the hyperlink just underneath the first hyperlink mentioned . . . I believe the text at the other end divulges in precise and concise terms just what the hell was in the back of the mind of those bloodthirsty antiquated poltroons . . .

proposed 9/11 memorial

. . . oh, yeah, you might be put off a bit by the text . . . okay, so it's only fair to mentioned the blog post in question may be unsuited for perusal by people with squeamish disposition . . .

torture works


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