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Monday, December 13, 2004 

Now this Guy is a MAN!

Ok, I'm thirty years old now... just turned so in October. The aches and pains seem to have already taken root. Whatever...

There was a guy, 80, yes that's EIGHTY Years old who survived 18 hours in the Atlantic Ocean over this weekend. Now that guy is in good shape!

It's too bad there's no picture available on the internet yet of this guy...
I'll find one eventually if one comes out...

I say the hell with political correctness and trying to appease the every small group of people that don't want a "Christmas Tree" or "Christmas Season" on the like. We in this country need to stop tying to please every little liberal or conserative that doesn't like something and threatens to sue of they don't get their way. I say, let them sue. I also say. Merry CHRISTMAS. If you don't think so, then just disregard it.
Thank you. Oh, one other thing...What's with the term "Undocumented Immigrant?" They are illegal!!!!!
Good night.

Now that was a random rant...
I like "Undocumented Worker" better, that's what they're called here in Nevada. I'm referring to the at least 500,000 that work here in the casinos and landscaping companies. Not to mention all the ones in the warehousing and truck loading business here. When I did interviews for a company here who hired the local mexicans to unload their trucks I was reprimanded for asking for their Social Security cards as a proof of Citizenship. I usually didn't see them again.

Do they all own leaf blowers too? Does the ACLU provide those?
Anyway, Ron my man...

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