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Wednesday, January 05, 2005 

So much for Tolerance

The PBS station in my old stomping grounds in Albuquerque, New Mexico pulled a show that was about to air called "Unlocking the Mystery of Life".
Why would they do such a thing?
Was it discredited?
Was it poorly done?
The station says the scheduling of the program was a mistake caused by a miscommunication related to the transition to a new program manager and that there was concern about the fact that those who funded the film have religious ties.
Oh! No wonder...
"there was concern about the fact that those who funded the film have religious ties."

This is obviously unacceptable to this new program manager to have any personal religious ties. Only agnostics and atheists need apply.

How absurd!

If you ask me there is much more religious fervor and determined faith to maintain an agnostic or atheist attitude than there is in the acknowledgment of a Christian perspective on life.

What exactly was so zealous about this program that caused the PM to pull the plug?
Unlocking the Mystery of Life" is a 58-minute program exploring what DNA reveals about the origin of life and documents how some scientists are skeptical about naturalistic explanations for the origin of genetic information and are looking to theories of design instead. According to the Discovery Institute, the documentary follows the development of intelligent design theory through interviews with key design scientists.
I guess the heads of the Albuquerque PBS station never studied any of the greatest scientists who've ever lived (yeah, including their hero Darwin) who almost unanimously concur with the fact that there was a Divine hand leading the direction of evolution to lead to the beings we are today.

When there's a billion to one chance that a random genetic mutation will lead to advancement of a life form, isn't it obvious that there was "Intelligent Design"?

So these liberals who point their finger at everyone screaming at us to be tolerant of other views are reacting to their own ingrained bigotry against any faith that acknowledges a God who may have had some influence on our creation.
Seattle-based Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture hammered KNME for the cancellation.

It is simply astounding that a public television station would engage in this sort of politically correct censorship," said Rob Crowther, director of communications for the organization, in a statement. "Public television usually prides itself in exploring new ideas, not suppressing them. Doesn't anyone at KNME believe in free speech?
Free speech is reserved only for left wingers.

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