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Monday, October 10, 2005 

...excuses excuses Hollywood

It happens every year. The annual report that less and less people are going to the cinemas to watch movies. I love how this is treated as some national crisis worthy of some research. Excuses are even provided to cover up for the real reason Hollywood is biting the dust, we're in the midst of the new Dark Ages for the Arts...

This story off of Drudge,
Hollywood studios are fighting a bitter battle against falling box office returns in North America as ticket receipts dropped by around 10 percent in 2005 compared to the first nine months of 2004, box office figures show.

"Consumers are saying that when they get to the theatre what they see there is as good as it's ever been," said Shelley Zalis, co-Founder of OTX.

"But the rising cost of tickets, gas and babysitters, combined with the improving nature of the in-home media experience are major factors keeping consumers from leaving the living room," she added.
Um no honey, the main reason people aren't going to the theaters as much is because people like me refuse to sit through the garbage on the screens. I know not all movies suck, but probably about 90 percent.

It's not only cheaper but so much more practical to rent a movie at home. If the movie is horrible, you aren't forcing yourself to sit there solely because you spent the money and energy to get in the theater.

Don't get me wrong, I go to the movies, perhaps twice a year, tops. I really have to be talked into it and it really has to be something I want to see. Typically that means the movie is about sports or war. Think of me what you will.

I really don't need to be reminded how young kids are having kids. It seems like everytime I go to the movies, I see a 12 year old holding a newborn through a movie that is going to destroy that kids little sensitive choclea.

The story does actually reference the real reason young men are frequenting the theater in fewer numbers but only in a passing line,
Young men also complained there was a lack of appealing content on cinema screens, with just 35 percent saying they were satisfied with the choice compared to 60 percent two years ago.
I can't sit through preachy political storylines.
I can't sit through unrealistic scenarios.
Unimaginative dialogue leads me to the snack counter.
I can't watch known moonbats portray heros.

This, however, may be a movie worth watching!

I must agree- but I do sort of want to see... Snakes On A Plane!!!

I've been a Netflix subscriber for some time and find that very few of the DVDs that end up in my queue are of new films.

The material Hollywood's been putting out for the last several years has presented very little in the way of originality and even less in the way of real acting.
They can't even convey that two people slept together the night before without showing, as often as not under a PG label, exactly what they were "up to" all night.

There are a lot of young people running around today who have never even heard of Humphrey Bogart, Katherine Hepburn, Douglas Fairbanks, Sydney Greenstreet, etc, and who "wouldn't be caught dead" watching a movie in black & white.

Too bad for them, they have no idea what they're missing.

bf: Snakes on a plane sounds like a blockbuster!

Seth: the legends of the industry are probably dead forever. There will never be legends of their caliber again because of the evolution of the Hollywood set and the technology used to manipulate every aspect of the film. Gone are the days of old for Hollywood...

...it's a whole new Dark ages for cinema.

Remember the days of Hitchcock? People still think Psyco is one of the most violent films in film history. You never saw a knife land on flesh. You did not know it was chocolate syrup going down the drain. The horror was left to your imagination.

That was Hollywood talent.

Today's movie business is computer generated, marketing balanced, over-hyped over-acted cellulose tape, covering an empty package.


I agree with you, about 90% of the movies do suck. We do not go to that many movies, if there is one we want to see we wait tell it is at the Dollar Theater, then go. The price for an Edwards’s ticket or Majestic tickets is 8.00 per ticket, and 6.00 for a manatee. I can think of other ways of spending my money. And I will not go see a movie if a certain actor has done something or said something I disagree with, that is my way of disagreeing with them. They can say what they want, and I can go or not go to there movie, Only in America!! Also I would rather rent a movie and stay at home; you can have bathroom breaks without missing anything. Watching a romantic movie you can get freaky with your wife and you won’t get arrested. And you don’t have to listen to crying babies; we never did take our kids to a movie until they could sit through the entire movie (mostly cartoon movies) I feel it is rood if I wanted to pay high prices just to listen to a baby cry, my wife and I would have a child. And the best thing about watching a movie at home is well the two best things. #2 you do not have to sneak drinks (beer or whatever) into the theater. And #1 you can watch it in your underwear (If you want) or less?? LOL

It's George Bush's fault that box office receipts are down.

Just wanted to say that before some moonbat did.

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