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Thursday, November 10, 2005 

Veterans Day Approaches

Click on poster to go to Department of Veterans Affairs website.

Veterans Day is tomorrow.

Sheryl Franklin has an excellent tribute post to Veterans Day breaking down its history.

View an emotional movie at Military.com for the vets here...

I'm extremely lucky to live in a great city like Las Vegas who takes their Veteran's Day Parade extremely serious. I've heard that it's the largest and most participated one in the country but don't quote me on that.

My boys have the day off of school tomorrow and I plan on taking them down to the parade. I'll try and snap off some photos and post them here. This holiday, Memorial Day, and The Fourth of July are the only holidays that can induce tears of respect in me. I hold these holidays in high regard and plan on instilling this emotional attachment to my children so that they do not take our freedoms for granted.

God Bless all you Veterans. I served at peace time and for not very long in the Air Force so I am of no caliber of the Veterans of America's Wars. It is nice to see these men and women appreciated and respected. Please remember to honor those in your heart who are fighting now in the Middle East... updates to follow...

Hey! We're not all men... ;)

I'm proud of anyone who steps up for the job, just because there wasn't any s*** hittin' the fan when you were in doesn't make you one bit less honorable. Happy Veterans' Day, man!

As a veteran I have yet to have a job that actually lets me have veterans day off. What are the odds huh?

I know what you mean about the tears- It never fails that as soon as the first firework goes off on the 4th that they start falling.

Pandy: thanks, that's just the male chauvinist in me... it has been fixed. Happy Veterans Day to you too my friend!

DPT: That is absolutely pathetic. I'm sure you get MLK day off tho eh? (bring the hate mail y'all)

Diane: Lee Greenwood gets me everytime.

Thank you for your service, peakah!

And yeah, I get misty looking at this stuff and I was never even in.
God bless all y'all.

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