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Tuesday, December 13, 2005 


Today's Horoscope:
Your synapses are crackling, and the sharing of information and ideas is flowing in an almost unprecedented way. It's as if the cosmos is coordinating it all in exactly the way that suits you. Take advantage of this opportunity to discuss lots of new things- anything that occurs to you is fair game- and to communicate on a level that's distinctly deeper than usual. You'll find an audience in an unexpected place.
Interesting in light of the fact that a post I wrote was linked on Pajamas Media and the Columbia Journalist Review Daily. That is definitely an audience in an unexpected place!

It didn't seem to generate anymore hits than I usually receive however... as my ego was quick to determine.

I wasn't going to say anything until I read that horoscope a few minutes ago... it just seemed uncanny... which makes for good posting material...

I think my synapses quit crackling...

Crackling synapses? I'd put a salve on it if it acts up again.

I kinda like the sensation...

You probably get more traffic than Pajamas Media.

Steve: you're probably right... and who in the hell reads the Columbia Journalist Review... *hurl*

Oh well, I thought I was getting somewhere...

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