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Sunday, September 24, 2006 

Bill Clinton meltdown...

See video here at Hot Air or here at Stop the ACLU of world class Clintonian squirming. Watch as he does all he can to keep himself from swinging at Chris Wallace while falling back on the ole 'vast right conspiracy' baloney in an interview on Fox News Sunday.

Chris Wallace dared to question Clinton's policies on dealing with Osama Bin Laden and with terrorism in general during his term. Incredibly, during this long media run set up for Clinton, Wallace was the only one to ask this obvious question...

Billy boy is on the verge of going as nutz-o as one of his heros Jimmah Cartah. What a fine pair those two make...

As usual, Insolublog's fruity post is magically delicious (as well as right on the $$)

RCP fleshes out The Clinton Dilemma.

It's gonna be great seeing his head explode, Peak!

Cripes, the guy gets his first non-softball question since the 90's and he goes berserk? Why do libs revere him so?

Heh. I'm unable to focus on what it is that he's saying he's putting on such a show, never seen anything quite like it.

Don't be suprised if some sudden unforseen tragedy befalls Mr Wallace a la Ronny Brown...

He may want to cancel any private flights he may take in the near future.

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