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Thursday, September 04, 2008 

Spit bath

The occasional spit bath is just what the sistah ordered...

This is the best video clip of either convention.

Cute and gross at the same time. I see she takes her role as big sis very seriously.

I saw that, turned to the wife, and said, "That's EXACTLY the kind of thing Erik (4) would do with Kevin (7 months)!"

I thought that was the coolest moment of either convention. She looks like such a little sweetheart.

The thing that touched me most was how much compassion is little Trig with down syndrome going to teach his older siblings as well as his parents. There are certain lessons that can only be learned through tragic circumstances... Thank heavens that beautiful little guy didn't have his brian's sucked into a sink by some selfish mom.

Peaks, that was great! And your comment above is so true!!! Well said!

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