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Saturday, November 06, 2004 

Divided Nation?

Are we actually a nation divided as the media would so love us to believe? Do you actually hate those who voted for an opposition candidate? I doubt it... And I'm getting sick of hearing how divided we are as a Nation. I don't buy it.

You know what real division is? Lets put this in some historical perspective. The Civil War... that is the defination of a nation divided. Are we all ready to take up arms and declare war on our neighboors? Of course not. Did you know that only 30 percent of the nation was in support of declaring Independence from Britain? Or that far less than half of the country was for getting involved in World War II?

Now here we have a presidential candidate who was very straightforward on his stances and we all had the opportunity to say Yay or Nay. The nation has spoken and the decision was remarkably strong. Not many presidential candidates have even gotten over 50% of the popular vote in American History. But here we have the highest vote tabulation in history for one man.

I own up to the prediction I made that Bush would win by at least 5 percentage points and that he "only" won by three. That nevertheless is cause to claim a mandate.

Does that mean there's no cultural war? Not necessarily. But isn't that the Beauty of America? The ability to hash out cultural issues at the ballot box and allow the victorious point of view to prevail for at least the term of the candidate involved? It does. And we have Bush for four more years.

If he screws up, we'll vote in the other party's candidate next cycle. What I'm fearing is the media's manipulation in politics. How they shape your opinions by what stories they intend to tell you about and the stories that are buried... not to mention how they decide to display the current news story.

Thankfully for us all we now live in the midst of a media revolution where the mainstream no longer shapes the majority of the public opinion as shown in this last election. New outlets provide more accountability for what's spoon fed us for information by the network channels. We have to decide who's more credible... that takes work and a dedication to know the issues and have a stand on those issues as shaped by the information we receive.

Where will you stand? Do you commit yourself to knowing the issues to better decide on the direction this country takes? Or are you gonna put your hat on backwards and root for the most exciting sporting franchise while ignoring the cultural war around us. It's up to you... read... read... then read some more.

Hopefully I can provide provocative reading material...

Love to you all...
Josh McPeak

Good post Josh, I hope we (Americans) can calm down the far left before they take this dividing the nation crap too far. I think we will know how far they are willing to divide the nation on Bush's inauguration day. If they plan to start some major crap, I think they will do it on inauguration day.

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