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Tuesday, November 16, 2004 


What I want to know is, what is so wrong with being judgemental? I ask this because a person very close to me expressed to me in a phone call that they were very worried that I'd be too judgemental to meet their significant other solely because I'm someone who has strong principals and have no fear expressing them. Why is the term 'judgemental' perpetually tied with being "mean"? I reassured this individual that yeah, I reserve the right to make my own judgements but I'm going to be nothing but polite and cordial with this person while face to face. Despite making this distinction they were not convinced that I did not have the capability to not be mean to this individual. Not one person who truly knows me would ever classify me as being someone who is mean; quite the contrary. I freely admit that I am someone who has sound and strong principals and all who know me well know this and respect my perspective, even to the point being fascinated to know what I think on a variety of subjects. Unfortunately this manufactured fear of "judgementalism" tends to tie this notion with enough fear for them to feel the need to shield their significant other from me.

Is there some insecurity here that exists because they know deep down inside that they live an immoral lifestyle? Perhaps.

This designates a significant shift in a collective perspective we have as a country where those who have deep and strong principals are automatically considered mean or ignorant. Does this not display the brainwashing we've undergone as a society that living particular (especially Biblical) principals makes one intolerable? Has moral relativism won out as a foundation of thought over living a life of virtue?

It sounds to me like the assumptions that this person made defines judgementalism. The fact that I confidently exude conservative principals, and have no qualms expressing these principals, automatically means that I'll be mean or 'intolerant'. Can somebody explain how these are automatically inter-twined? Has it all of a sudden become a bad thing to have biblical standards that are applied to one's own life? Sure seems so and that breaks my heart.

Judging by how people wrote and lived in generations past I've noticed a significant shift to the secular in our society, not to mention a significant loss of perspective that made our country great (and dare I say morally superior) over secular thought.

How intolerant and judgemental of me! Perhaps I'll just keep my mouth shut from now on... yeah right.

When people say "oh, don't be so judgemental," they're really asking you to agree with them.

You can agree with them and cringe inside, or be judgemental and lose their respect for your judgement. You lose either way, unfortunately.

Where have the John Waynes gone??

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