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Monday, December 13, 2004 

Take this Michael Moore

Eat your heart out Michael Moore. Here's someone who has trumped you in the modern day race for the ignorant mind.
Or shall we say the race for the not so far in the future Emmy catagory nominee of "Best Propagandist".
Thanks again to Little Green Footballs for an excellent post.
This is who we're fighting people... please pay attention, our kids lives depend upon it.

Ugh. Note also how they "thank" our asinine Islamic apologist protesters. Nice f'ing endorsement.

And...nice blog! (Not "nice" in the same sentiment as above, though!)

Are you sure this wasn't Michael Moore???
Regards, Alan

Naa, definatelly not michael moore, the guy at least had decent grammar, no food in his mouth, or haunches of flesh slapping around while he spoke... evidence enough for me, actually sounded British in fact... Gotta love that British immigration policy that's eating that country alive!

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