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Tuesday, January 11, 2005 

50 Million Dollars?!

The Presidential Inauguration is estimated to cost about 50 Million Dollars.

We're currently in the middle of a war on Terrorism where our soldiers are currently searching scrap heaps to outfit their vehicles with armor to defend against roadside bombs. They have a severe need to be outfitted with Kevlar vests to help keep them from being shot in the back. Not to mention the infinite number of other supplies that our troops are in currently in need of, including Ammo.

Where is the Bush administration on these matters? He has asked for the help of Bill Clinton and his father to solicit the citizens of this country to give money to the Tsunami disaster victims. Not that this is an unworthy cause but why isn't the same zeal and concern given to those who are attempting to courageously install a democratic government in the hornet's nest of terrorism? Why haven't we heard the clarion call of our leaders to call for individual sacrifice for those who are on the front lines of this War on Terrorism?

There's no doubt that this will become a World War in itself. Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and North Korea (maybe even China?) are next on the list after Iraq is wrapped up so do not mistake this for anything less than World War III.

I don't like the perception that will be ginned up by this overly extravagant and unnecessary Inaugural Ball thrown by the rich for the rich. It doesn't do much for the public's perception of the Republican Party who already suffers from an oligarchy complex.

The people who voted for Bush for President would be honored to see him donate that money to the welfare of our brave soldiers rather than see it blown on an overpriced gala. He had no problem writing a $10,000 check for the Tsunami victims but has yet to make a public showing of monetary support for our soldiers who are lacking in supplies and yet on the new front lines of the new World War.

I'm disappointed...

Jan 14th Update
I'm not the only one thinking about this. Here's an article posted on Drudge that backs my assertions.

I'm not nearly as concerned about the Tsunami victims as I am about the soldiers needing supplies. Not because I'm heartless but because I'm willing to bet that a good percentage of the money funneled to these tinpot dictators will only line their pockets with it after the corrupt UN officials get their take.

The fact that most of this Inaugural money is privately donated doesn't change the fact that I think that those people who donated this money wouldn't be against it being transferred to those in most need in the War on Terrorism as a show of solidarity between the administration and the military. If these donors have severe objections then allow them to take their money back.

Instead of seeing Clinton biting his lip as he asks us to give to the Tsunami victims, I'd rather see the Administration put together an organization that funnels private donations to the funding of armor, ammo, and other necessities of our soldiers who have pledged the ultimate sacrifice if necessary.

The WWII generation rationed their own goods, saved any metal that could be used to help the troops and donated all they could for the cause of defeating the German and Japanese empires. I doubt anything like this would happen again with the spoiled and coddled nature of our current population. I still would like to see it attempted however.

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