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Monday, January 17, 2005 

"Roe" seeks to overturn Roe v Wade

From WorldNetDaily
(Click on Norma's picture to go to her website)

The woman known as "Roe" in the landmark case that struck down all state laws restricting abortion has filed an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn its 1973 decision.

As WorldNetDaily reported, Norma McCorvey began a quest in 2003 to reopen the case, based on changes in law and new scientific research that make the prior decision "no longer just."

How come the media hasn't jumped on this story? One of the most critical and influential memebers of the "Pro-Choice" movement thirty years ago has seen the errors of her ways and seeks to have this injustice undone but all of a sudden cannot be heard.

In September, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed the case, saying the issue was moot because it did not present a "live case or controversy."

DOES NOT PRESENT A CONTROVERSY??? Are they kidding? At least Judge Edith Jones used her head instead of making the politically correct decision.

However, one of the three judges on the panel criticized the Supreme Court that handed down the original ruling, saying it was an "exercise of raw judicial power."

In her concurring opinion, Judge Edith Jones lamented the case was moot, which prevented McCorvey's evidence from being heard: "If courts were to delve into the facts underlying Roe's balancing scheme with present-day knowledge, they might conclude that the woman's 'choice' is far more risky and less beneficial, and the child's sentience far more advanced, than the Roe Court knew."

Jones wrote, "The perverse result of the Court's having determined through constitutional adjudication this fundamental social policy, which affects over a million women and unborn babies each year, is that the facts no longer matter. This is a peculiar outcome for a Court so committed to 'life' that it struggles with the particular facts of dozens of death penalty cases each year."

READ HERE how Norma McCorvey describes being used while in an extremely vulnerable position by feminist activist lawyers so they could push their agenda of legalizing abortion.

We can only hope Peakah. Liberals have declared war on the unborn in America. I hope in my lifetime I live to see the day when infant murder is outlawed.

If not that, at least force those who vow to defend the "Pro-choice" option to at least be honest with their justification of such an awful act and force them to see the idiocy of their arguement.

We know way too much to just disregard the choice made that produces babies nowadays. It's time to be accountable for our actions, to realize that people in our country are educated enough to know that sex creates babies and it's therein that the choice lies.

Not in providing a disgusting cop-out that may ruin a woman's life and psyche forever, not to mention allow her to have killed the possible future genius that may possibly help cure some terminal disease... or whatever the case may be.

Our current culture's disrespect for life and sex and the possibilities that lie therein are to blame. We can't play ignorant anymore, time to stand accountable for what we know to be true...

Sex is a sacred act that should be reserved for marraige and for the creation of future generations to carry on our legacy.

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