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Wednesday, June 08, 2005 

Macho, Macho, Maaaaaannn

From Yahoo News:
"The masculine ideal is being completely modified. All the traditional male values of authority, infallibility, virility and strength are being completely overturned," said Pierre Francois Le Louet, the agency's managing director.

Instead today's males are turning more towards "creativity, sensitivity and multiplicity," as seen already in recent seasons on the catwalks of Paris and Milan.

Arnold Schwarznegger and Sylvester Stallone are being replaced by the 21st-century man who "no longer wants to be the family super-hero", but instead has the guts to be himself, to test his own limits.

"We are watching the birth of a hybrid man. ... Why not put on a pink-flowered shirt and try out a partner-swapping club?" asked Le Louet, stressing that the study had focused on men aged between 20 and 35.

Is there any wonder why France is such a wussy country? I mean come on!
We're to believe that there's MORE GUTS in dressing like a oompa-loompa from Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory?

I guess you can say that a country's downfall begins when the men no longer want to be the 'family super-hero' but instead elects to 'put on a pink-flowered shirt and try out a partner-swapping club'!

Perhaps the UFOs from 'Prophet Yahweh land' already landed over there in La Francais and dropped off these fruitcakes.

I agree French is a pussy country. Liberals and feminists inhabit it. The feminists in this country would love nothing more than to see every man attending counseling because they do not understand the feelings of being a man. Take the Carl Jr’s adds (Not with motel girl, she is a different problem, the other ones) where a guy cannot open a bag of Cheerios, or cook a decent meal. That is just crap, unless you crawl out from under a rock
What Man cannot cook at least an egg? I know I can, I can also cook a romantic dinner for my wife, or even my family if need be. Thank you Mom!! And are we to believe that we are so stupid that we cannot manage a plastic bag? Worst-case scenario, did this guy ever hear of a pair of scissors? Men do, and have always thought different from women; it is how God made us. Feminists GET OVER IT I am not changing. Ted Nugent has a song on his latest Album titled “You’ll never change my sex” and they won’t. As far as the swapping goes this is my stance.
Genesis 2: 24 For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.
Notice it says wife that would be singular not plural. And of course there is the commandment “Thou shale not comment Adultery”

The men of this country often have many hidden psychological issues regarding the masculine role that they were formerly, and still are really, expected to play. In the fairly recent past, men were not allowed to express their feelings...they were to keep everything bottled up, leading to neurosis and psychosis, including alcohol abuse and murder. The fact that our country has allowed men more freedom with their feelings, and a REALLY important one, to be caring fathers, has allowed men to breathe easier. Not all men are accepting of this of course, but in time I believe it will be a wonderful thing for men and everyone close to them.

Women have been shown to have enormous power AND can have emotions as well. A woman's sensitivity to issues have actually proved helpful in the business world. I don't see this as a downfall to our society. A sense of authority will not wane, for men OR women, I believe that we will see a healthier system.

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