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Friday, October 14, 2005 

18 is Enough

You probably thought I had a big family!
-yes, the escapee in the background is mine, see profile picture.

This family in Springdale, Arkansas has 18 under their roof!
(CBS) Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar waited four years to have their first child. Then the Springdale, Ark., couple went on to have 16 in 18 years, and gave them all names starting with "J."
See the video of this family here...

Fourteen pregnancies in 18 years - I don't know how she did it! This is a really neat story, though. I come from (what I thought was) a big family of 7 children, and I want the same for my own family. "How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them!"

What a beautiful family! I had 4 girls (Joelle is the 2nd) and then I had a son almost 9 years after my youngest girl at the time. I had asked G-d for a son for my then husband by Father's Day of the next year. He said that He wouldn't give him one. That was on Mother's Day of 1992 and my son was born on June 10, 1993. Then life fell apart because their daddy decided to live the "gay" life after 19 years of marriage. My Father got me through it and led me to be the wife of Rick. We have been blessed with a daughter and a son in our mid-life. Life is good!

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