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Wednesday, October 26, 2005 

Homegrown Terrorist Cells Operating Amongst US

A week ago I posted this about homegrown terrorist camps.

The Politics of CP has been continuing coverage on this topic and has a link breakdown of everything you didn't want to know about the blossoming of terrorist cells on our own soil.

The greatest threat to a terrorist camp's survival is our awareness of them.

I just hope and pray that we don't have another blue ribbon panel of politicians discussing how and why these camps existed under the radar after another terrorist attack occurs when we may have the opportunity to take them out before any damage can be done.

The last thing I want to hear is that any future attacks could have been stopped had we only acted on already acquired information.

Don't flip out and tell me that we're going to have a replay of Waco or something stupid like that... that was a whole different set of circumstances.

Remember the USS Cole, and the World Trade Centers? Guess what, we had American Heros on the case investigating the thugs responsible using free information floating in the ether for all to see BEFORE these attacks happened but nobody would listen; in fact, they were forced to quit because of political correctness pressures.

I'm praying that our 'leaders' learn from the Able Danger fallout and have the stones to act on critical information rather than push the stack of papers to their lawyers for a political correctness scan.

linked with Liberal Utopia, and Mudville Gazette.

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