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Saturday, October 15, 2005 

Program Over-Proselytization

(Please do not pronounce the title outloud, you may short out the ole keyboard)
LA PLATA, Md. -- The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a complaint about a Christian comedy team that performed at five southern Maryland public schools.

The ACLU of Maryland sent a letter to Charles County Superintendent James Richmond, characterizing the program as "a vehicle for religious proselytizing" that violates the First Amendment.
Ahem, umm, let me get this right... it violates the FIRST AMENDMENT to discuss moral issues with kids that has a Christian perspective?!? Unless these kids were shackled and led off to the local church and forced to pray at gunpoint there is no violation of the First Amendment!! The First Amendment protects exactly what this comedy team was doing.

If only this team could have performed wearing offensive clothing while dipping crucifixes into jars of urine, having sex with virgin Marys, while shooting themselves up, the ACLU would have been writing them checks!
Rick and Mick Vigneulle have performed at two high schools and three middle schools in Charles County this year. The pair invite students to off-campus pizza parties where they deliver a religious message.
Ahh, there's the rub. Lure them in with pizza and pounce upon these poor innocent little ignorants with messages of hope and love and of eternal life! Does it get more insidious!?
A schools spokeswoman said their program, "Attitude Check," promotes anti-drug, anti-suicide and motivational messages. School officials approved the program, and spokeswoman Katie O'Malley Simpson says they didn't perceive it as religious.
What do these local-yokels know? These people running the show there in Maryland just don't know what's good for them. Good thing the good ole ACLU is there to tell them what's acceptable and what's not.

How can anybody with some sense possibly support this group of communist bullies!??

I know how we can stop them...

Jay over at Stop the ACLU has been working tirelessly towards this goal. If you haven't stopped by and explored what he has set up, the time is now. What the ACLU is pulling off right under our noses and with OUR money is embarrassing and it needs to stop!

The ACLU is doing nothing more than widening the percieved chasm between peoples and validating and defending sick behavior, defending it as free speech. This whole smoke screen defending your rights is the scam that gets them paid, and that's all that matters to them. Time to stand up to these people.

Check out the link to a video by Stop the ACLU here...

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Good find!

As a reluctant denizen of the People's Republic of Maryland, I thank you for this post. I'm just surprised that any school in this state allowed the team to get anywhere near the kids to begin with!

Thanks a lot for the link Jay, keep up the good fight! You have a lot on your team...

Gunn: I feel for ya, having been displaced from the east coast over a decade ago, having to go back knowing what I know now... yikes...

Remain armed and dangerous!

Great Post Peakah.

Keep up the fight man.

I remember the guy who came to speak at our (public) school about the dangers of drugs etc. It turns out he was a Christian and spoke at the area Campus Life gathering (at which I became a Christian).

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