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Thursday, November 10, 2005 

Perverted Justice

In what was probably the best local news investigation sting I've ever seen, Channel 13 teamed up with "Perverted Justice" to bust sexual predators here in Las Vegas.

They rented a house, wired it with cameras pointing at the front door, hooked it up to the internet and let the Perverted Justice members pose as a 13 year old girl in chat room. In less than 48 hours they had approximately 12 guys show up at the door expecting to have sex with a pre-teen at her own house with the parents supposedly gone.

When that doorbell would ring, the door would open, the local investigative reporter was there to ask the person a few questions with a camera in their face and a printout of the disgusting conversation they were having with what they thought was a 13 year old girl.

The reactions are priceless.

One guy expressed concern for the type of chat their daughter was having and was stopping by to alert her parents! Uhhhh yeah right. With a bottle of Boone's Farm in hand right? It was outstanding...

One guy, a member of the USAF stationed here at Nellis saw the camera, turned and ran his ass off to his pickup and jumped in and peeled out. His mug was caught on tape as was his liscence plate and he is currently being investigated by USAF officials.

I just found out that Dateline NBC also featured these guys at Perverted Justice and ran their own story complete with video.

Entrapment you may ask? You bet'cha!
Entraping these perverted jerks is just what we should be doing.

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Just the thought that that "might" be what's going on should stop many in their tracks, you'd think. Great link, thanks. :)

I heard Glenn Beck talking about this today. He thought Perverted Justice was the best use of the internet ever. I think its vigilanteism at its best!

That's awesome! I'm glad they've come up with such a good way to catch those perverts.

Here on the left coast we couldn't seem to pass Prop 73 to help protect our 13-year-olds from these pervs. I wonder if something like this would go over?


Uber: one would hope... if not, then these people need their whododilly whacked off.

Gunn: Even better use of the internet than my blog!

Jo: It's fun to watch too! Pervs!

Deborah: Cali-fornication must be protected at all costs! I don't think that "Perverted Justice" is allowed to operate in California like they are able to in Nevada because of some whacked privacy laws or something. I'm not positive about that tho.

Oh man...may that be a lesson to those demented pigs, though it probably won't. These guys need some serious therapy. Ugh.

By the way, I left a message on CrazyJo's site that asks you a question too. I think I understand what happened now. :)

just curious why pervertedjustice.com or whatever the site is, doesn't work anymore. did they shut down due to "tricking" these individuals (and they did do a fabulous job) or are they in trouble for getting in the way of investigations (who cares how it's done)?

What PeeJ does is not entrapment for a couple reasons. One, the perv always makes first contact, and two, private citizens can not entrap. Their evidence has held up in many courts of law.

They are also not vigilantes, they work with Law Enforcement to get these pervs arrested. The only time one of them might confront their bust is in court testifying against them.

What PJ does may be considered entrapment. I reference this article by Will Harper:


PJ does NOT work with police. PJ busts the guy, then turns the chat over to LE. Often times LE cannot use PJ's evidence because LE cannot verify how PJ got thier inormation, or becasue PJ's methods were flawed.

Police units usually don't like to work with vigilante groups. Just ask Frank Kardasz from AZ. He's the Internet Crimes AgainstChildren Taskforce spokesman.

For more information on what's wrong with Perverted-Justice. go to www.corrupted-justice.com.

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