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Monday, December 12, 2005 

Nice Try NYT!

Much along the lines of the post I wrote a couple days ago, Michelle Malkin exposes the blatant attack on Conservative Blogs that the NYT has ignorantly waged.

I happen to believe that the good bloggers who pay attention and scrutinize multiple mainstream media outlets, and who are not afraid to comment and provide depth into their stories, have won the hearts and minds of the introspective and educated American.

No longer are mainstream media journalists considered the Elite. They have been put into check by the Pajama media brigade of websites that are checked daily for alternative debate.

Michelle Malkin writes:
Based on a single "expert" source--"liberal activist Matt Stoller"--Crowley makes sweeping assertions about the content, nature, effectiveness, and media penetration of partisan blogs. Liberal blogs criticize Democrats more, while conservatives march in lockstep with the GOP leadership to "to provide maximum benefit for their issues and candidates," the piece asserts.
How high do you goose-step in your jack-boots?

She continues...
Anyone who swallows the idea that conservative bloggers are an organized arm of the Republican machine who are easily mobilized at the command of Karl Rove does not read conservative blogs--and should not be paid by the NYTimes or anyone else to write about them.

But hey, since when did the NYTimes let ignorance get in the way of its "journalism."
OOhhhhh, that's going to leave a mark!
...a mark that has been self-inflicted!
Some of the most high-impact blogging by conservatives this year got little, if any, buzz in the conservative "media infrastructure." Case in point: Ed Morrissey's ground-breaking work on the Canadian Adscam scandal.

And when conservative bloggers did organize for a single cause this year, it wasn't to advance GOP interests! It was to raise money- more than 1,800 blogs raised more than $1.3 million- for Hurricane Katrina victims.
This is because the definition of community and neighborhood has evolved...

The NYT is a part of the temporary mutation that tends to be shed by the process of evolution.

Survival of the fittest baby... the NYT is no longer 'all the news that's fit to print'!

(linked by Columbia Journalism Review and the Pajamas Media,

crossposted at Battle Born News and linked with Don Surber)

The NYT's is going through the 5 steps of death right now.

Anger, denial, bargaining, depression, acceptance.

They're in the area of anger and denial right now.

Great job, Peak!

Alright. You tagged me. I have posted my response. Enjoy!


Eventually they'll be sitting around telling stories about the good ole days, how great it used to be before conservative bloggers ran them out of business completely. They don't "get it" and that's exactly why they're drowning. yay!

CUG: you nailed it.

Dan: seems as if you've caught a case of TMI (too much info)too... a gallon of Apple juice??? Yikes...

Uber: won't it be great? You and I will be among the top of the heap of the Neo-Media! We'll be kings!! ...and Queens!!

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