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Saturday, March 25, 2006 

Why I'm not posting...

Regular posting to resume soon...

PLAY BALL!!!!!!!

(linked with Basil, Point Five, NIF, Don Surber, Stop the ACLU)

What cuties! Good Lord, man, you've got a ballteam in your house!

Better reason than anything possible to come to mind! Just sent "mine" out for practice! Problem is he's 55! Whined when asked to coach his son for three or four years?

Son he didn't want to coach graduated from nursing school last night (quit playing ball at 14 - married and living in LA for 6 years now). Someone's gotta do it! PLAY BALL . . . ;-D Hope your "men" have a great season!

Seems to be a lot of "blogs" re doing themselves out there so your timing is good! Catch ya later in the posts!

My God, y'all are just too cute for words.

That Peakah grin...maka me laugh every single time. lol

linda: yeah, 5 puts a full basketball team on the court... too bad I stink at basketball... we're going to stick with baseball for now... hmmm 4 more would fill out a roster of nine... hmmm, honey?

chrys: I'm way outta my paygrade...

Uber: of course you're laughing WITH us right? ...don't make me sick the weasel on ya! No I don't refer to my wife as "the weasel" ...c'mon!

"Why I'm not posting..."

Because t-ball (is it t-ball or a higher league?) is more important than blogging.

Lingo: you know I taught my kids to heckle...

Tyler: it's my cover for all the TigerWoods '06 i've been playing...

How absolutely adorable!!

Enjoy and have fun.

If you don't have it, get Bill Engvall's(part of the Blue Collar Comedy gang) CD, Dorkfish-- He does a routine on T-Ball that has me in stitches every time I hear it.

Go here

They look like they're in NY Mets uniforms . . . but that CAN'T be right!

Hey Peakah, are you the coach? If so, they don't have a chance at winning. lol jk

Cathy: those dudes are hilarious...

Wyatt: I know I know... It's killing me, but the team "Manager" is a diehard Mets fan from the same area of Upstate NY I'm from... I can handle it, at least they're the same colors as Syracuse...

WildBill: Yeah, I'm coaching in "Rookie Coach Pitch" league... I get to bean them at the plate with their parents watching... it's a riot... really.

OMG, how adorable!!!!!!

I bet they're having a blast!!!!

I loved it when my kids were in Pee Wees.

I love my men in uniform. I'm the proudest Mom there. And nobody argues when I say "SAFE!".

Mrs. McPeak

Great Pics!! My youngest is in the little league "minors"! Sooooo Coool!!!

Damn good reason not to post, Peakah!!!
We'll wait for you! :)

Here you are posting pictures of kids, and I'm posting pictures of a kid (goat kind). Makes me wonder if I can get Jill to swing a bat.

Tony: we could always turn Jill into a pinyata and have my boys perform batting practice on her... that may not be too good for their psyches tho...

peakah, Let the little kiddies play ball and come back to us. I miss you. :)

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