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Thursday, March 16, 2006 

San Diego Arena Evacuated

UPDATE: (11:30am PST) Cox Arena is now allowing people back into the building... no news on the 'Package' found in the hot dog stand as of yet...
However, the bomb sniffing dog was allegedly seen licking it's chops...

SI provides a few details
The dogs detected the package inside a 4-by-6-inch condiment container in a vendor cart outside Cox Arena at San Diego State University. A bomb robot was sent to the scene, FBI spokeswoman Jan Caldwell said.

The container was removed by police and a bomb squad, said Lorena Nava, a university spokeswoman.

"It was some type of package that was described as looking like a small briefcase or a box," Luque said.
I have a feeling it wasn't a box of mustard packets...

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Police evacuated a San Diego college arena on Thursday, hours before a first-round NCAA championship basketball game, after a bomb-sniffing dog signaled a potential problem at a hot dog stand.

Cox Arena at San Diego State University was cleared while police tried to determine if there was an explosive device in the hot dog stand, college spokesman Jack Beresford said.

He said it was not immediately clear how many people were inside the building at the time but that the teams had not yet arrived.

"A bomb-sniffing dog noticed something in a hot dog cart," Beresford said. "They got a hit on something that was in the cart itself.
One of two things occured...

The dog was doing its job, or it was asking for some mustard...
I'll follow up on this as it develops.

Chrys smells the dog meat...

When I posted this "short" bit (didn't even put the pic in!) - I figured it was just a hungry dog! Dang - you'd think they would consider the area the dog is sniffing?! Glad for the "hunger only" deal though!

No dogs, even trained bomb sniffers, can pass up the smell of sausages. It's in their genes.

ya can't blame tha pooch... it was probably a union sanctioned lunch break and it was very well trained.

awesome post!

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