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Wednesday, March 08, 2006 


Absolutely no one is going to care about this but me...

I just hit my 20,000th visit tonight! This may be cause to re-read one of my favorites from my childhood, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne.

Perhaps I'll watch The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms from 1953 featuring the writing of Ray Bradbury.

Or I could cut 20,000 employees from our company a'la Volkswagen... (Wait, there's only like 20 of us... nevermind)

Or I could write a story of someone who lives for 20,000 days! Naaaa... that's been done and it looks pretty lame.

How about recruiting 20,000 Liberty Activists here in Nevada as they are doing in New Hampshire to 'Live Free or Die'?

Now that sounds pretty good... perhaps that could be a mission of Battle Born News!

I got it, I'll spend $20,000 on a new suitcase! That'll be the day...

Considering that the 5 major Nuclear Powers of the world now have at least 20,000 nuclear warheads in their arsenal, my 20,000 visits doesn't seem all significant...

But to the blogger (or random surfer) who landed on my site from Mount Laurel, New Jersey... congrats to ya... gratuitous links coming your way if you identify yourself!

How about giving $20,000 dollars and you can call it a day?

I've get tons of lurkers, and they have been sending me emails, but for some strange reason they don't want to comment on my blog, go figure!

I'm closing in on 50k. I hope I can make it before my 1 year mark.

I'm only at 5K, but I really never thought I'd make it that far. Thanks to guys like you and DPT, I have people pushed my way. I do appreciate that.

And congrats on the watermark.

AL: Hey, I'm giving much more than that just to feed the poor... the poor lil rascals that were born to me and my wife that is...

DPT: that's awesome, I've had this site since Oct. '04 so I'm moving much slower than great sites such as your own... still it's fun to watch the odometer that is the site meter rise to new heights.

Rooster: Hey, pushing readers back and forth is what makes the world go round... or maybe not... I love your site and so will many others once they come across it.

One of those 20,000 "block party" tangs! Thought you'd be way past that by now! ;-D

Way to GO!!! Peakah!!!
I know I do not have a Blog, but yours has always been informative, as well as entertaining. Have romantic night with the wife to celebrate or a good quality night with the family… Good Job, keep up the good work.

I'm pretty sure alot of those hits are from people looking for "phat" somethings and Midget stuff.

chrys: way past that? shoot, I was impressed with myself for taking a year and a half for hitting 20,000! Considering that there's only a handful of people who consistently check in with me, I guess it's not too bad. The first 8 months of my site I think I had no more than 5-10 hits a day.

Nate: You were one of those 5-10 hits a day over a year ago... thanks for continuing to check in with me brah...

DPT: I guess that would help eh? Wasn't your site mentioned on the Boortz radio show one day? I think that was when I started hitting up your site on a daily basis.

I guess there aren't too many searches for Peakah or Provocations.

Ya, that post was decent. got me 17k hits in a day.

Congrats, chief! Every one is well deserved!

Great job, Peak!
Congrats, and many many more hits to you!!


You guys rock...


Congrats my Irish brotha from down south!

Now I gotta buy the first two rounds when you come up to Reno for Blogging Man. :-)

Eric Odom

Eric: sounds good to me!

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