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Thursday, November 16, 2006 

Slack by popular demand

School, kids, work, and stuff has kept me quite occupied, so now that I've completely ignored my blog as of late, it's time to post!

This past Sunday we went to the final big airshow of 2006, Aviation Nation here at Nellis AFB- Home of the Thunderbirds.

Featured this year was the brand new addition to the USAF, the CV-22 Osprey

My pictures of it won't do it any justice for it was quite the machine! (check out the link to the Osprey above for more info and better shots of the AF's newest baby)

Pardon the amateur photos taken with my lil camera

There was a cool Korean War reenactment as planes from that era have been restored and returned to flight.

It featured: The F-86D "SABRE"

The MIG-15BIS "FAGOT" (hey, I didn't name it!)





It was amazing to watch the planes developed through the 1930's and 1940's. It only enhanced the wonder and amazement induced by our modern day fleet.



We even got a lil peek at the baddest fighter jet on the planet...


The Predator did a flyby as well, thankfully it wasn't equipped with any Hellfires.

This thing has got to terrorify Hamas seeing how most of the leadership of their terrorist wing has taken a few of the Predator's Hellfire Missles up the you know where...

Charles "Chuck" P. Aaron, pilot of the Red Bull BO-105 CBS Helicopter pulled of some of the most amazing stunts I've ever seen a helicopter pull off...

Sean Tucker took to the skies in a stunt plane pulling off incredible stalls and flips all the while miked up and giggling like a little kid to all in attendence.

Then the Thunderbirds took to the skies...

Despite a chilly and windy day, we all had a good time...

^^^hey, who brought the goof-ball??

I love going to air shows. This is the first year my husband and I did not make it to one-- we usually make it up to Cleveland and to the Dayton Air Shows...

Thanks for sharing your pics!!

Cute kids!!!!

I love the pictures...they are awesome! The mountains look beautiful.

Cathy: I'm hoping to spread the love I have for them to my kids, I think it worked! They had a blast.

RT: Yup, with a hot momma like that how could they not be! The mountains out here are so dull... I miss the color Green...

Let's see. Seems I missed another Air Show - glad your family caught it for me! Thanks for sharing the fun with us less "fun filled!" ;-)

looks like a good time had by all, and you have a great looking family!!

The F4-u Corsair now that is a beautiful plane know as “Whispering Death”, my favorite Followed very closely by the P51, which is a very beautiful bird as well very fine lines.
I know the P51 is faster but I heard that the F4-U was the first propeller driven plane to reach 300 mph? I do not know if that is true?? Nice shots of the show, did they have an
F-15 Eagle there? I know the Raptor is a bad ass plane, but I am partial to the old guys that were bad ass planes first. Peakah you have a good looking family, serve and cherish your wife and the picture will remain in tacked.

Side note the story on Veterans Day was a good one.

Great pics. Now if we could just convince the Air Force and Navy to paint women on the nose of the Stealth like some of the old school planes...

By the way, changed servers for my place. New site: http://roostercashews.wordpress.com

Great to see you posting again.

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